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wic reset crack free download

wic reset crack free download

WIC Reset Utility  for Windows

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Download  For 32 bit
Download  For 64 bit

Using the Reset Tool
1.  Make sure your printer is connected using a USB cable and turned on. [Note: It will not work over LAN/WIFI, etc..]
2.  Run the program in Windows and select the printer you wish to reset
3.  Click on the "Read waste ink counters" button
4.  Check one or more of your counter(s) are close to 100%
[* If your printer waste counter needs to be reset: *]
5.  Delete ALL print jobs for your printer
6.  Make sure you are connected to the Internet (required)
7.  Click on the "Reset waste ink counters" button
8.  Enter your RESET KEY and click OK
9.  TURN OFF YOUR PRINTER before any other actions then turn it back on again
10. Your printer waste counter should now be reset.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]:
Q. Can the Reset Key for the "Waste Ink Reset Utility for Epson Printers" be used more than once
   or do I need to buy a new key each time I need to reset my waste ink counter?
A. The RESET KEY is single use only.
   Each time you need to reset the waste ink counter you need a new RESET KEY.

Q. How long is a key valid for? Does it expire?
A. The key will not expire until you have used it. There is no time limit.

Q. I have a printer model that is not supported by the WIC Reset Utility. Can you add this model?
A. Yes. To help us add your printer to the system please do the following: select printer and click "Check your printer model".

Q. I reset my printer but after I printed something the same Service Required error has returned
A. If you did not clear the print queue or turn off the printer after resetting the reset will have failed
   You will need to read the instructions properly then purchase a new key to reset the printer.

Q. Where can I get a waste ink kit for my printer?
A. sell excellent quality waste kits for most Epson printers and provide comprehensive
   documentation and support for all levels of printer user.


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